This program was custom designed from the bottom up for one purpose in mind. To provide league owners, organizations and professional sanctions the opportunity to not only manage their series but to customize the scoring and management to maximize a streamline delivery of driver data to their members and fans. 

How much is your time worth?

Expedite your Admin processes so you can get back on track yourself...

The Wrong Stuff Racing League 

"We run 3 different leagues WSRL Multi Class, WSRL Endurance and WSRL Indy Road Series. I couldn't imagine using an old school spreadsheet anymore! We have really put the software to the test with so many different formats, from our Multi Class, with divisions, and team only endurance and the software does a great job with it. We then embed the widgets to our website, where drivers can see the last round results, current standings and also schedules, times and a lot more if you need it. It's a piece of software that sets us off and makes us a bit different instead of using spreadsheets. A MUST HAVE, if you are running a league!"

AMS Oval League 

"Xtreme scoring has made running and organizing a league so easy. The interface allows us to customize everything imaginable. Post-race I can update the standings in less than a minute and is always correct when Xtreme Scoring does all the calculations. I can't believe how easy the software is to use and I can't see myself running a league another way".  


Your Members and Broadcast Team will enjoy the ease and reliable delivery of Series paints and League/Sponsor contingency decals


The program automates systems that league Administrators currently do with manual spreadsheets. Extensive customization of multi-level scoring combinations and widget displays 

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Something new is on the horizon... 

The next product to round out the League Management Software is currently in development. This next offering will be a big change in how sim races are managed.